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JOIN US FOR............Love Fest 2020!

Yoga Room & Yoga MIssion Retreats

January 2020

Join the Love Fest 2020 with the Yoga Room and Yoga Mission Retreats!

The Love Fest retreat theme is "Come Show, Be and Feel the Love You Want to See in the World".  Throughout the Retreat there will be yoga classes, meditation and gatherings to explore your bright light of love that lives within you.  In addition to the 10 Yoga Sessions and specially designed creative sessions, one tour, we will be participating in “give back to Jamaica”—missionary-type work for the children and people of Jamaica. We will join a missionary "Our Father's House" helping hands by installing a rain barrel water system on to a home in the missions village of Aldayr, located a few miles from the Inn. Afterwards we will visit our fathers house and donate shoes and a Kindle to children in need of school supplies. 

We are again staying at the Luna Sea Inn, the hospitality, food  and service there is amazing. 

About Luna Sea Inn...

Luna Sea Inn is a place a bit off center. 
A place where we all let our hair down, where shorts and flip flops are proper attire day, evening or any occasion.
Luna Sea is for those with a crazy passion for the sea. There is plenty of that to enjoy, as we are almost surrounded by it upon our tiny peninsula.

All Meals and food taxes, water, coffee and tea provided. A bottle of wine in refrigerator, 2 Bottles of Water in your room daily, Snorkeling, Paddle boards, Kayaks and a $50 Spa Credit are included in your stay!!!

Below is the deposit schedule for the retreat.  Please be sure to pay timely.  We accept checks made out to the Yoga Room, Cash or Credit/Debit Cards.

          Total TBA

 Flights and tips are not included in the fee,  Airport transfers are included with your stay for arrival and departure and will be coordinated through the Yoga Room and the Inn (more information on this as the retreat date gets closer).

click here  for the Itinerary of our 6 day, 5 night stay and also a list of additional Inn amenities.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Maggie and Claire

More About Yoga Mission Retreats - 

Yoga Mission Retreats believes you have two hands.. one to help yourself, one to help others. They will help you to do both. At destinations throughout the Caribbean and North America, we create your ideal yoga retreat, tailored to your needs  - providing healing, wellness and life purpose while empowering you to share your soul with others. Through yoga practice and mission with a local children’s organization, Yoga Mission Retreats will awaken your higher awareness and raise your social consciousness - truly feeding your mind, body and soul. For more about partnering with them visit Yoga Mission Retreats


Check out the Luna Sea Inn's website and Facebook page

Contact Maggie to join us or for any questions or concerns you have.

Scenes from last year's trip.