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Come to learn…stay to practice

Whether you are curious or an experienced yogi, the Yoga Room has just the right spot for you. Classes are ongoing and students may begin at anytime.  Most classes run for 75 minutes.

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Sunday                        9:30 am - All Levels Basic Yoga.  Instructor - Ari D.

Monday                      9:00 am - Restorative Yoga. Instructor - Sybil D.         

                6:00 pm - All Levels Basic Yoga, Instructor Sarah L.

Tuesday                      10:00 am - Chair Yoga.  Instructor - Maggie G.                                     

                                     4:15 pm - All Levels Basic Yoga.  Instructor- Maggie G.

                                     6:30 pm -  All Levels Flow Yoga. Instructor - Maggie G.

Wednesday                 7:00 am - All Levels Flow Yoga.  Instructor - Maggie G.

9:00 am - Basic Structural Yoga Instructor - Danielle R.

                                       4:00 pm - Kids Yoga Instructor - Kate K. 

                                       5:15 pm - Yoga Ball Instructor - Maggie G.

Thursday                       9:00 am - All Levels Flow Yoga Instructor - Jenny

                                       6:30 pm - All Levels Flow Yoga Instructor - Jennifer S.


Friday                           8:30 am - All Levels Basic Yoga Instructor - Jennifer S..                            

Saturday                     9:00 am - All  Levels Basic Yoga. Instructor - Sybil